Android Root Detection Bypass

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T​he purpose of this post is to understand how I bypassed root detection while pen-testing an android apps. They were using rootbeer libraries to protect the application to run on rooted device.

In this post we will look at simple technique to bypass root detection. There are many module which are available for bypassing root detection. I used xposed module to bypass the root detection but it failed so I decided to try manually.

What is root detection?

Root Detection is an techniques which allow developer to control application  to work only on Non rooted devise. Many Application does not run on rooted devise for security reason.

What is xposed module ?

Xposed is an framework which work on rooted devices. It provide various module which allow user to control the android devices.There are also few module which help to evade root detection logic which is been written in the application.

Step by Step approach to bypass root detection in the android application.

1.  Reverse engineer the .apk with dex2jar.
dex2jar: It an small tool which allow to convert .apk into jar file

Command: dex2jar Android.apk

2. Search for root detection logic.
Once we reverse the file we need to open the file in JD-GUI we need to find the file in which root detection logic has been defined.

3. Reverse the apk with apktool.
apktool: A tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps. It can decode resources to nearly original form and rebuild them after making some modifications. It also makes working with an app easier because of the project like file and automation of some repetitive tasks like building apk, etc.

Command: apktool d -r  android.apk

4. Modify the code which contains the logic of detecting rooted device 
Since we have reverse the code using apktool the complete code is available for modification into smali language. We can find all files which contains the root detection logic.
Open the file and change the name such as su, superuser, com.rootcloak to something random. Look into the screenshot below for the reference.

5. Rebuild the app with modified code. 
We can find the rebuild code into dist folder in the current directory.

Command apktool b folder_name

6. Sign the apk file. 
Once rebuild the entire folder with apktool we need to sign the apk using sign.jar.
Sign.jar file help us to sign the application with android test certificate.

Command: java -jar sign android.apk

Sanket Solanki (aka m0nkeyshell)

Special Thanks to Sachit Bhatia (aka Thunder) & Chirag Savla (aka 3xpl01tc0d3r) for motivating me.


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